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2014 – terrible reading year

Posted by on Sunday, 9 November, 2014

This last year, I tried to read only fiction written by women. I have read all the Kathy Reichs books but I decided to pick up and try new (to me) female authors to find some new favorites. I am not big into the Shopoholic type of books. Romance leaves me rolling my eyes. Someone gave me Eat, Pray, Love and the font alone irritated me. In short, I have started a lot of books that I put right back down again.

My notable exception to my reading drought is in Young Adult fiction. I checked out Lois Lowry’s book, The Giver, and followed it up with Number the Stars. I am just old enough that her fiction missed me when it was written. They were interesting enough that I reserved the book after The Giver at the library.

Looking forward to it.

Reviving this blog

Posted by on Sunday, 17 February, 2013

I haven’t done anything with this blog in a while but I’ve been thinking about it and finally went through the heroic actions required to recover my password.  A couple of things. Lastpass is awesome. Editing the database to change the recovery email address is easier than changing the password directly.

Now that my baby is 3 and can walk run on his own, I have more time for reading. Hurrah! Let’s see if I can get this project done.

Oh and I think I have finally admitted to myself that I won’t finish The Jungle anytime soon. Maybe it is one of those books that only teenagers read.